Pull quote: “But I wonder if there is a way to “change the narrative” (hat tip to Bess Sadler for the phrase). What if the story was that the work libraries do is so important and so cool that everyone wants a piece of it? Or that libraries are such logical places for a broad range of services and resources that of course we need to hire folks with a broader range of education and skills and talents?”

Pull quote: “My big take-aways are that we ought to be hiring or developing humanities and social science librarians with strong scholarly and technical expertise; which for the social scientists ought to include strong statistical and methodological training.”

Pull quote: “All of this has me troubled by our tendency (yep, I’ve been guilty myself) to dismiss talk about the value of physical browsing as merely wistful or nostalgic. There is something very real and important there, and I think shining a feminist lens on the issues is likely to help us see what it is, so that the libraries we are building for the future are inclusive of all kinds of learners, scholars, and readers; and so that our discovery environments (online and physical) are built to accommodate not just efficiency, but also joy.”

Pull quote: “For me, the big take-away from the details below is that large majorities of faculty across all disciplines rate Print Books, Electronic Books, and Ejournals as Important or Very Important. The fact that both print and electronic books are important to all faculty is more evidence to me that the easy stereotypes that scientists don’t need print and humanists resist digital are just wrong.”

Pull quote: “I like what my boss says in the American Libraries article about why we innovate: ‘The big idea isn’t innovation for its own sake, but rather, the question that we ask ourselves everyday is: What opportunities and assets do we have that can make scholarship and learning better?’ The focus on leveraging our assets is really key. When we make choices about what ideas to pursue, we look for places where we have unique talents and resources to offer. Rather than shifting away from what we have always done well, we build and expand on our traditional strengths in ways that support new research efforts.”

Pull quote: “To recap, our Library Concierge project is an ambitious initiative designed to promote exceptional public services across the Stanford Libraries, and to empower and equip all staff to provide that service. It refers to both a service perspective and a set of training experiences for all library staff. The training experiences are designed to increase staff familiarity with the full range of resources and services our organization offers, so that they can provide better public service, give more effective referrals, and can take advantage of opportunities to serve as fully informed ambassadors for the Stanford Libraries. Ultimately, our goal is to maximize Stanford scholars’ knowledge of and access to our resources and services; but we know we have to start by providing ways for our own staff to learn about the services offered by their colleagues throughout the organization.”

Pull quote: “Although many libraries are slow to change, the expectations of today’s children make that change a certainty.”

Pull quote: “My implicit social media policy for Stanford Libraries is to pick smart people to be in charge of the social media, and trust them to use it well, but it seems everyone likes a bit of guidance. Plus, to be honest, I need something to say to the people who I didn’t pick, but who want to tweet for us anyway. Trying to be inclusive, but I want to make sure we have some kind of relatively recognizable ‘Stanford Libraries’ voice.”

Pull quote: “I’m publishing this because if someone else had written this 10 years ago, maybe that would have given me the courage to wear something a bit more comfortable to that interview. And because I wish I knew of other butch-identified women in leadership positions in academia so we could compare notes and wardrobe advise. And because I’m more than a bit embarrassed at how ridiculously simplistic my Suit Up advice was. And because part of being transparent (a big goal/commitment of mine) is being “out” about who I am – A queer, butch, cross-dressing, feral librarian.”