Pull quote: “Promote a Wiser Tenure and Promotion System. A common refrain among scholars is that they cannot alter their publication activities for fear that their tenure and promotion status will be negatively affected. Established journals often have higher citation counts and impact factors than newer alternatives. If you wish to create change within the scholarly publishing world but share these concerns for your professional advancement, speak with your department chair or college dean. If possible, involve your university librarian, who is likely to be an expert on cholarly communication issues. Improving the means and rewards of scientific dissemination is a goal that university administrations can andshould support.”

Pull quote: “Libraries Online Incorporated (LION), a consortium of twenty-five Connecticut public, academic, and school libraries, has imposed a moratorium on the purchase of ebooks from Random House. The action, which was unanimously approved by LION members on March 20, is in response to the March 1 price hike put in place by Random House that doubled and sometimes tripled the price of ebooks for libraries.”

Pull quote: “Recognize this crisis as a reading-ecology problem and a fight for the right to read, not just a public-library problem. It doesn’t matter that this has primarily been about Overdrive, whose customer base is overwhelmingly public libraries (though Overdrive has higher-ed customers, including Yale, Pitt, and my tiny library).  We’re all part of the reading ecology.”

Pull quote: “But over the past year, as the library market has been further roiled, as other companies, such as Penguin Group, essentially stepped back from the market altogether, HarperCollins has remained not only committed to its model but also to the market. And for this, it is receiving from some librarians, if not praise, at least a sober reappraisal — even from some of those who are holding firm to their boycott.”

Pull quote: “So when you tell a librarian ‘stop subscribing to Elsevier journals!’ you are thinking a dozen or so journals in your field, while the librarian has no choice but to think about several hundred journals running the entire gamut of disciplines. There’s a word for what would happen to that librarian if he acceded to your request, without the full knowledge and consent of the rest of the institution. That word is ‘fired.’ If the librarian is only a little unlucky, that word is instead ‘lynched.’”

Pull quote: “The budding protest movement could benefit from a clear set of demands. One should be opposition to the Research Works Act. Another should be to insist on an end to publishers’ practice of cloaking contracts with libraries in confidentiality agreements, which hides the costs from public scrutiny.”

Pull quote: “Just con­sid­er­ing this and not regard­ing all the other charges against them, only the truly naive could believe Else­vier is a ‘good cit­i­zen’ in the world of schol­arly pub­lish­ing rather than a cor­po­ra­tion with the sole goal of max­i­miz­ing its profit. As I’ve writ­ten before, I don’t think that makes them evil; it just makes them a typ­i­cal cor­po­ra­tion. How­ever, that doesn’t mean that any­one in acad­e­mia should believe their cor­po­rate spin.”