Pull quote: “Over time, librarians have evolved from being servants who did what people asked to being service-focused and trying to anticipate the needs of our users and best meet them. I think one potential path the profession could take is to transition from a general trend of being service-focused to being more of a collaborator.”

Pull quote: “As academic librarianship moves more and more to a consultancy model, our education ought, in my opinion, begin to mirror this model of ‘application first.’ We should begin with real instances of needs felt by faculty and students, whether those needs be for description of a unique digital resource that is being created, for preservation of a data set in an unfamiliar or difficult format, or for resources that are usable in a project that will be available to all on the open web. From the process of seeking solutions to those specific and always unique problems, the theoretical knowledge that defines our profession will emerge, but it will be grasped in a new way, as a tool born out of application.”

Pull quote: “A core theme that I see shaping up for this decade is moving the library closer to the learning process. Engaging students while they are in the act of scholarship. By providing help via Google Docs we could expand not just the way we provide help, but our entire relationship to the writing and research process.”