Pull quote: “Mr. Asher is familiar with the criticisms of Google Scholar. After all, his own study listed them: ‘limited advanced search functionality, incomplete or inaccurate metadata, inflated citation counts, lack of usage statistics, and inconsistent coverage across disciplines.’ Perhaps for this reason, he sounded a bit sheepish admitting his preference. ‘I kind of hate to say it, since I am a librarian,’ he says. ‘We pay a lot of money for discovery tools. And then I go off and just use Google Scholar.’”

Pull quote: “At what point is not saying “no” a dereliction of duty?”

Pull quote: “This price increase, for that is what it is, is especially massive. If Harvard Business Publications cannot make do with the revenue they have had for decades and suddenly needs millions more, that is a problem with how they run their business, not with what EBSCO subscribers expect to get, and have gotten for years, for their subscription dollars. And they need to take that demand up with the platform provider, since it is that platform that they are insisting be broken.”

Pull quote: “We’re looking at database adds/drops right now, and just for fun I thought I’d see how many of the publishers on Beall’s current list of predatory publishers are in EBSCO’s Academic Search Complete. Turns out it has 175 journals from 14 of the publishers on that list.”

Pull quote: “Worst-case, an EBSCO with a lot of article metadata sewn up can let search-UI development slide, knowing libraries will buy because they need its exclusive metadata. That’s not good for libraries or for patrons. Or this could turn into another Big Deal situation, where EBSCO can charge the moon and stars because there’s no other way to get the information.”

Pull quote: “EBSCO asked Steve to shut it down citing pressure from a publisher and a violation of contracts. I’m unsure if the contract in question is between the publisher and EBSCO or EBSCO and libraries.”