Pull quote: “What’s become even more apparent to me is that everything that is online/linked to from the library website is considered the website. I’d guess that about 1/3 to 1/2 of the comments so far have actually been about problems that are not the website but the OPAC, the discovery layer, our databases or the link resolver.”

Pull quote: “For me, the big take-away from the details below is that large majorities of faculty across all disciplines rate Print Books, Electronic Books, and Ejournals as Important or Very Important. The fact that both print and electronic books are important to all faculty is more evidence to me that the easy stereotypes that scientists don’t need print and humanists resist digital are just wrong.”

Pull quote: “Libraries should concern ourselves less with lending out devices, and more with making our services, content, and applications device- and platform-agnostic. Offering spaces and services for students to use their own devices—workspace, power outlets, wireless Internet, and wireless printing—is critical.”

Pull quote: “The biggest challenge to library ebook lending may be simply letting patrons know they have any at all. Of the general population, the Pew study found 62 percent don’t even know whether they’re local library loans ebooks (75 percent of them do), and the picture doesn’t get much better for library card holders: 58 percent still don’t know whether their library lends ebooks or not.”

Pull quote: “At SUNY Geneseo, we wanted to know what students were learning via reference transactions, beyond typical counts of reference questions or user satisfaction surveys. These reference transactions occur in several settings, including at the reference desk, during scheduled reference consultations, and through impromptu questions at various locations. Building on assessment techniques such as the One Minute Paper traditionally used in library instruction settings, students were given a survey after each reference transaction that simply asked ‘What did you learn today from your meeting with the librarian?’”

Pull quote: “When it comes to interacting with the library via technology, 37 percent were extremely unlikely to ask a librarian a question via text/SMS/MMS/Web, and another 21 percent said it was unlikely. Some 34 percent said they’d be ‘fairly likely,’ ‘likely,’ or ‘extremely likely’ to do so. However this may have more to do with a dislike of mediated help of any kind than with technology: 45 percent say they never seek face to face help from a librarian, and another 35 percent did so once a semester or less. Of those who did interact with librarians, it was almost always after ‘push’ from a professor.”

Pull quote: “Even the 102 percent jump in ebook circulation reported in LJ’s 2012 Book Buying Survey (coming soon) appears inadequate to meet demand, as 74 percent of the ebook patrons in the Patron Profiles report say they want even more ebooks in the ­library. However, the report also shows that ebook patrons are not just about ebook consumption. They consistently polled higher than other patrons in onsite library activities, from borrowing DVDs to attending library events. And they outstripped other patrons in online activity, from catalog searches to placing holds on titles.”